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From the age of 9, I always wanted to be in commercials. So, I got myself an agent and almost right away appeared in spots for Kenner Toys, Pizza Hut, and Subaru Cars.  Over the years and through an awkward stage, my career in front of the camera transitioned to behind the scenes.  First as a talent agent, then moving on to representing post production super stars at Encore and RIOT. In 2004 Kimberley had the genius idea to start our own company together. So we joined forces and launched Options. Here we are. The rest is history.

I had dreams of heading to Los Angeles to broaden my horizons in the ad biz, while living in Portland, Oregon and working at Downstream.  I wanted to represent directors for commercials. Yes, that’s right.  My passion was quickly realized when I landed a job with the well loved Rep Firm, Stacy & Annie.  There I learned all I needed to, and all the while working with some of the top production companies in the business.  I parlayed my experience and opened Options with Doug, and we have never looked back. We love what we do!



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Fred Goss | CoMPANY Films | Life is but a Dream

Fred Goss | CoMPANY Films | Life is but a Dream

Hans Emanuel | Seed | Audi

Hans Emanuel | Seed | Audi

Nick Spooner | Prism | CarGurus

Nick Spooner | Prism | CarGurus

Theresa Wingert | Fiona | Bohemian Rhapsody

Theresa Wingert | Fiona | Bohemian Rhapsody